Online Therapy

Online therapy can be as effective and transformational as working in-person. The main point to consider from your side is confidentiality and privacy. For your comfort, you will need to ensure that our sessions can’t be heard by anybody else, just as it is in the physical therapy space. I work from my office, which is closed off and soundproofed to ensure maximum confidentiality for my clients.

How do we connect online?

I work via Zoom, as I find this to be the most reliable in terms of video and audio quality and stability. Most importantly Zoom is encrypted end-to-end and is fully compliant with GDPR, therefore providing assurance around confidentiality, privacy and protects all private information. Zoom is free to download.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

  • Working together online provides access to therapy for individuals who are housebound for varying reasons, such as physical or mental illness or disabilities. Mobility can be a big issue when it comes to accessing mental health care. This way of working also offers access to mental health information and support in rural or remote areas.
  • Clients can feel that they are able to disclose information more quickly than in-person, as they don’t feel inhibited by the presence of another person (the therapist). This can of course work the other way too.
  • Since you will be attending therapy sessions online in the comfort of your own home, you can often schedule your therapy sessions for times that are the most convenient for you.
  • Payments

    Payments are made via BACS


“I was somewhat hesitant at first having virtual sessions, as I value face-to-face contact and a physically different space for therapy, but Duncan found a way to establish that same connection online and I was pleasantly surprised how well our virtual sessions have worked for me! Would 100% recommend! .”


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