Some kind words from previous clients

Highly recommend Duncan; professional and personable, I worked with him for over a year through a difficult period. He’s very reliable and gave me the tools to deal with issues as well as adjusting my mindset to rebuild my self-confidence. I was always very impressed by how much Duncan recalled from previous sessions and the way in which he could guide me to the root of the issue at hand. Duncan also implements different therapy techniques/practices and adapts to each session individually, which really helps to tackle the short term issues whilst building up the long term progress. Having only worked with Duncan over video call, I can safely say that this does not diminish or hinder the sessions. Additional note: I recommend him for gay/queer individuals who are seeking a safe, judgement free space.

Julian CD

Starting therapy and beginning the work on oneself can be a daunting task, and I really had no idea where to start when a friend kindly told me that they thought I could benefit from talking to someone. Duncan made what can feel like a difficult first step that much easier and after our first session, I instantly felt at ease to be able to share with him.

I had a combination of online and in person sessions and felt that both were equally as effective. Duncan is a very kind and trustworthy individual, and through our sessions of spoken therapy it felt easy and comfortable to be able to share with him. For the first time in my life, I have learnt to validate myself and now have the tools to make myself feel safe as a queer person navigating their twenties.

Just as daunting as starting therapy, is the process of it coming to an end. The conclusion to my sessions with Duncan did not feel rushed and we set aside our last session to give the process the ending it deserved. If/when I decide to return therapy, Duncan would be the person I’d reach out to.

Charlie Greene

I’ve been having counselling sessions with Duncan for a few months now both online and in person. I can recommend him with both methods. He’s completely trustworthy. He really listens to me and works to a deep level. I’m very grateful to him for the sensitive, kind support he gives me.

Tim Pike

Both he and the way he works have had such a profoundly positive effect on my life. After 2 years of spoken therapy to help me come to terms with divorce alongside many buried issues, I had found myself a bit stuck in a rut.

Through our sessions of spoken therapy, his patience, attentiveness, care, support, and skill as a therapist have put me back on the right track in a way no other therapist ever has. He has given me back the power to understand my voice counts for something, that I am important and that who I am matters.

Kate, 36

Duncan is one of those special therapists who manages to immediately create a safe and welcoming space from which to work in. I have never felt so cared for as I did with Duncan.

Through our sessions of spoken therapy, Duncan’s patience, attentiveness, care, support and skill as a therapist have put me back on the right track in a way no other therapist ever has. He has given me back the power to understand that my voice counts for something, that I am important and that who I am matters.

He made me truly feel as though all I experienced and felt was valid, that everything I was due to experience with my life was worth staying for. Spoken Therapy sessions would often feel like a conversation, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it meant it encouraged me to ponder and question alongside listening and learning more about myself. I am so incredibly indebted to his kindness and passion as a therapist, I could literally write hundreds of different reviews to reinforce how grateful I am that he came into my life, for without his generosity there is a chance I would not still be here even able to write this. If you are looking for someone to help you through whatever it is you’re dealing with, you could find no better therapist, and indeed person, to help you with that then Duncan.

Kate Manning

My weekly therapy sessions with Duncan became something I looked forward. With kindness and care, we brought to the surface some deep-rooted patterns of thought—including those that trigger shame—which I’d believed to be hard-wired into my psyche. Releasing these has left me feeling lighter and more positive. The process felt gradual but with some tangible key turning points along the way, often when least expected. Duncan’s capacity to listen with sensitivity and without judgement allowed me to talk about and to make peace with my inner world. Thank you Duncan!

Simon C. (Brighton)

I worked with Duncan for two years after suffering depression during my mid-20s.

His patient and intelligent approach helped me fundamentally reevaluate my life, creating the space for true happiness and fulfilment. It is no understatement to say that working with Duncan was the best money I have ever spent.

Tom, 32, London

Duncan seems to just get it and he got me. His honesty and humanness allowed me to be exactly that. Thank you!