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A dynamic and integrative approach to healing

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Hello, I’m Duncan. I am an experienced and passionate counsellor and I’m here to support you and to walk with you through your journey towards positive change in your life. I am also a qualified fitness instructor – mental health is helped so much with exercise – I’m a Reiki practitioner and above all, I’m only human, just like you. I am also the only UK therapist to offer pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. I work with all aspects of life, particularly with anxiety, addiction, abuse, relationship issues and depression. I also work with other gay, bi and queer men with issues around sex and sexuality. I’m based in Central London (W1) and am also available to work with clients via video conferencing platforms.

Client experiences


“I worked with Duncan for two years after suffering depression during my mid-20s. His patient and intelligent approach helped me fundamentally reevaluate my life, creating the space for true happiness and fulfilment. It is no understatement to say that working with Duncan was the best money I have ever spent.”

Tom, 32, London

“I came to Duncan with disturbing parts of me that I kept to myself all of my life, things that I was so deeply ashamed of. Therapy isn’t easy, but Duncan always made everything feel ok. Those secrets I kept, aren’t secrets any longer and I can live now with more peace than I’ve ever felt before”


“Duncan seems to just get it and he got me. His honesty and humanness allowed me to be exactly that. Thank you!”


“Both he and the way he works have had such a profoundly positive effect on my life. After 2 years of spoken therapy to help me come to terms with divorce alongside many buried issues, I had found myself a bit stuck in a rut. Through our sessions both of PEMF and spoken therapy, his patience, attentiveness, care, support, and skill as a therapist have put me back on the right track in a way no other therapist ever has. He has given me back the power to understand my voice counts for something, that I am important and that who I am matters”

Kate, 36



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A dynamic and integrative approach to healing

My approach creates a safe space for you to give voice to your story. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy and I am able to provide differently ways of working depending on what comes up in our work together

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Physical Movement

Duncan carrying out puled electromagnetic therapy on a client

PEMF Therapy

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More about my approach

‘You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody’

Maya Angelou

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