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Hello! A very warm welcome to you. As we face these uncertain times in our world, we find ourselves coming up against many challenges that may be exacerbating our existing internal struggles. It feels more important than ever to find some sense of certainty and purpose in these difficult times. The very idea of isolation can bring on fear and anxiety, uncertainty around our livelihoods can trigger old and new coping strategies that may feel damaging to one’s self.

I’m an experienced and passionate Psychotherapist and have both a wide lived and professional experience, working with addiction, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, trauma, childhood abuse, adoption, burnout, loneliness and relationship issues. I work with other gay men who experience challenges around sex, chemsex, sexuality, identity gender and shame. I also offer couples counselling

Life is all about relationship in one form or another, how we relate to everything and everybody around us and of course, our relationship with ourselves. You may be struggling in personal relationships, spiralling addictions or self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours. In therapy we explore the underlying issues and possible trauma, in order to create real and lasting positive change in your life.  I am based in Sussex and can take in-person counselling in Brighton, as well as offering online therapy via Zoom.


“My weekly therapy sessions with Duncan became something I looked forward. With kindness and care, we brought to the surface some deep-rooted patterns of thought—including those that trigger shame—which I’d believed to be hard-wired into my psyche. Releasing these has left me feeling lighter and more positive. The process felt gradual but with some tangible key turning points along the way, often when least expected. Duncan’s capacity to listen with sensitivity and without judgement allowed me to talk about and to make peace with my inner world. Thank you Duncan!”

Simon C. (Brighton)

“I’ve been having counselling sessions with Duncan for a few months now both online and in person. I can recommend him with both methods. He’s completely trustworthy. He really listens to me and works to a deep level. I’m very grateful to him for the sensitive, kind support he gives me.”

Tim Pike

“I worked with Duncan for two years after suffering depression during my mid-20s. His patient and intelligent approach helped me fundamentally reevaluate my life, creating the space for true happiness and fulfilment. It is no understatement to say that working with Duncan was the best money I have ever spent.”

Tom, 32, London

“Duncan seems to just get it and he got me. His honesty and humanness allowed me to be exactly that. Thank you!”


“Both he and the way he works have had such a profoundly positive effect on my life. After 2 years of spoken therapy to help me come to terms with divorce alongside many buried issues, I had found myself a bit stuck in a rut. Through our sessions of spoken therapy, his patience, attentiveness, care, support, and skill as a therapist have put me back on the right track in a way no other therapist ever has. He has given me back the power to understand my voice counts for something, that I am important and that who I am matters”

Kate, 36


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A dynamic and integrative approach to healing

My approach creates a safe space for you to give voice to your story. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy and I am able to provide different ways of working depending on what comes up in our work together

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More about my approach

‘You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody’

Maya Angelou

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