An EAM session with Jo Tocher

Two weeks ago I met with Jo Tocher for an EAM session. I had heard about this energy healing approach through a friend of mine and she shared with me some of the transformative experiences she had with EAM. I am a counsellor and Reiki practitioner, so I’m very open to learning about the plethora of alternative therapies that are available to us.

Jo has a very calming and engaging energy and I immediately felt at ease and very much held in her presence. I was advised by my friend to reflect on a couple of areas of my life that I would like to work on, so that I was able to present Jo with something to focus on during my session. I consistently come up against a long-standing struggle in relationship with a family member, so this felt immediately important for me to try to release my tension and anger around this. I also wanted to look at my block around writing, as this is something that I enjoy very much, yet I have such resistance. However, here I am, writing!

I talked to Jo about these two issues and we decided that we would start with my conflicted relationship. I’m not sure I’d do justice to EAM by spending too much time describing the process that Jo took me through, but what I can share is my experience. Through Jo’s technique we spent some time establishing and pinpointing the emotion that I was carrying in my conflict, and we began the process of releasing this shadowed energy. The whole session felt safe, calming, healing, energising and loving. I sensed that the real processing would happen outside of the room.

Two weeks on, what can I report? As each day has passed, I have felt a steady and comfortable emotional release – a “letting go”. I have been in a lifelong struggle with the aforementioned relationship, so I’m not expecting a single session to resolve it entirely, but what I do know is that I am able to be kinder to myself when the challenges emerge. I’m more gentle on myself, more accepting and forgiving. I feel more grounded, more content and more loving. It has also brought to a place of accepting that there may always be struggles in this area, but this acceptance allows me to sit with more compassion and less anger.

As for the writing blockage, we didn’t even get to that in the session, yet this is the second blog that I have written today! Thank you Jo!

Jo Tocher Instagram: @after_loss